Print Advertising in Romania

This blog talks about print advertising and other blogs that are regulary posting news related to this niche.I need to make a short presentation for the best Advertising Company in Romania that owns a few prizes that are officially present it as “The best print advertising company in Romania”.

We are talking about Mediapress Advertising, that offers to you a complex offer of classifieds and great publicity ads.They started working on this field in 2000 and now, almost 15 years later, they’re still the best on this niche.

If you’re looking to place some ads in Romanian press, you can find some more details on the official website or you can get the phone number for the “Classifieds department” right now, because I’ll include it here :

“Classifieds” department
Tel.: 021.301.99.45;
Mobile Phone: 0724.572.505;
Fax: 021.336.79.00;

This are just a few details about our services.I’ll post more on this blog, but that’s all now…